Jarosław Śmietana & Cezariusz Gadzina Meeting Point

Cezariusz Gadzina – soprano and alto saxophones
Jarosław Śmietana – guitar

Selles Records 1998    SELL0047

  1. Chameleon
  2. Akumula-Torres
  3. When I Fall In Love
  4. Oleo
  5. Bubbles
  6. Flowers in Mind
  7. In the Sentimental Mood
  8. Follow The Fellow
  9. Slow Taste
  10. Beatrice
  11. Secret Love
  12. Rosemary’s Baby
  13. Polonia Blues
  14. Black Orfeo

You can taste the music from this CD

2. Akumula-Torres
7.In the Sentimental Mood

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