Ictus Live

Ictus Ensemble & Blindman Quartet

Ictus Ensemble
Miquel Bernat – percussion
Gery Cambier – percussion
Frédérique Cambreling – double bass
François Deppe – cello
Jan-Huib Nas – guitar
Gerrit Nulens – percussion
Georges-Elie Octors – percussion, double bass
Jean-Luc Plouvier – piano
Philippe Thuriot – accordion
Piet Van Bockstal – oboe
George van Dam – violin
Takashi Yamane – clarinet

Blindman Saxophone Quartet
Cezariusz Gadzina – soprano saxophone
Eric Sleichim – alto saxophone
Luc Mishalle – tenor saxophone
Véronique Delmelle – baritone saxophone

Cypres Records 2000    CYP5601

1. In C,  by Terry Riley

You can taste the music from this CD

1.In C

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